AYU Holding

As part of design, installation and commissioning, our specialists (together with specialists from «AYU Holding» and partners) developed and put into operation a new geographically distributed data center based on two sites in Bishkek on premises of «AYU Holding»

2022-05-16T14:02:28+00:00May 16, 2022|Projects|

Automation system for auto chemical production equipment

The PROJECT-P company has developed a system for automating equipment for the production of auto chemical goods for the Everklin company (Moscow). Trading and manufacturing company "Everklin" develops, manufactures and sells auto chemical goods and products for car washing and detailing under the LERATON trademark

2022-05-16T08:57:33+00:00April 30, 2018|News, Projects|

Reconstruction of the ROTOTHERM rotary kiln control system

Employees of the Severodvinsk Bakery (Arkhangelsk region) addressed the company "Northern Energy Systems" with a request to solve the issue of repair and modernization of the control system of three Rothoterm WP rotary kilns manufactured in Germany. Rototherm WP rotary ovens are used for baking bakery and confectionery products.

2022-05-25T16:43:56+00:00April 30, 2018|News, Projects|


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