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History of the OWEN company

OWEN today

  • 25 years in the automation market

  • More than 150 product names for creating automated process control systems of any complexity

  • Own production with modern equipment for serial production of devices

  • Over the years, more than 4.5 million devices and more than 4 million sensors have been produced

  • OWEN products work at thousands of enterprises in Russia and CIS countries

  • More than 120 regional dealers – in all regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

  • Network of regional service centers

  • More than 150 Russian universities are equipped with ARIES devices

  • Participation in the federal import substitution program

  • Free technical support 24/7


  • Sales of programmable relays with indication for OWEN ПР200 distributed systems have begun

  • The line of monoblock programmable controllers OWEN ПЛК110 has been upgraded

  • More than 30 new products have been added to the range of products

  • Free round-the-clock technical support has been launched by phone: 8-800-775-63-83


  • A certificate of compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 of a new sample was obtained

  • A certificate of compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 of a new sample was obtained


  • <p>A new Internet service “Catalog of projects and solutions based on OWEN equipment” has been launched</p>
  • <p>A line of OWEN SEC touch panel controllers has been developed and launched on the market</p>
  • Sales of programmable relays for local automation systems with support for analog signals OWEN ПР114 have been opened


  • OWEN company has again passed voluntary certification and received a certificate of compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2008

  • Sales of intelligent pressure sensors of the OWEN ПД200 line have begun


  • Frequency converters OWEN ПЧВ appeared in the range of products


  • The release of programmable relays for discrete local automation systems OWEN ПР110 based on the OWEN Logic programming environment has begun


  • The effectiveness of the company’s management system for compliance with international standards is confirmed by the ISO 9001-2001 certificate

  • The OWEN Metrological Service is accredited for the right to verify measuring instruments

  • A new line of input/output modules OWEN Mx110 has been developed


  • A subsidiary enterprise for the production of OWEN products in Kharkiv has been launched

  • The production site of pressure sensors has been modernized, which made it possible to manufacture sensors with a separating membrane made of stainless steel corresponding to Class A according to EMC


  • The first programmable controllers OWEN ПЛК100 and ПЛК150 were released

  • The release of pressure sensors of the OWEN ПД100 line has begun

  • The KANBAN design and production management system has been implemented at the production facility, which allows monitoring the manufacture of devices on time


  • A partnership agreement has been concluded with the German company 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH, the manufacturer of CODESYS software

  • The production of temperature sensors in explosion-proof design has begun


  • Our own testing center has been created, products are tested for vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and noise immunity, compliance with climatic standards, assessment of metrological characteristics


  • The production of devices with a built-in RS-485 interface and Modbus protocol, interface adapters for connecting to a PC has been established, which has significantly expanded the capabilities of OWEN equipment


  • The plant was put into operation in Bogoroditsk, Tula region. Modern equipment made it possible to carry out a full production cycle – from the manufacture of molds to the installation of printed circuit boards, assembly and testing of products

  • Own tool production with new metalworking equipment has been established, a plastic casting section, sections of screen printing and winding products have been launched

  • The production of printed circuit boards has been automated. Surface SMD mounting lines have been introduced, allowing an unlimited range of standard and non-standard SMD components to be installed


  • A license was obtained for the manufacture and use of OWEN equipment at hazardous facilities controlled by Rostechnadzor


  • <p>The website of the OWEN company has earned</p>
  • The first OWEN ТРМ101 PID controller with an auto-tuning algorithm has been released


  • Launched its own full-cycle production


  • Own metrological service has been created

  • The work of the Technical Support Group has been organized. Operational consultations on OWEN products have become available to customers

  • OWEN thermoregulators are included in the State Register of measuring instruments of Russia

  • Specialized thermoregulators for heating and hot water, ventilation and air conditioning systems have been released


  • Production of temperature sensors has begun

  • The range of microprocessor thermoregulators OWEN TPM has been expanded, the list of products includes multi–channel thermoregulators, pulse counters and timers, a valve and gate valve control device


  • Liquid crystal indicators in the devices have been replaced with digital LED indicators

  • The issue of the specialized magazine “Automation and Production” has been launched


  • The first microprocessor thermostat OWEN TRM was developed and released

  • The list of manufactured equipment has been unified. The transition to the creation of basic rulers. The OWEN product range has been replenished with digital temperature measuring devices УКТ, universal programmable timers УТ, control units of triacs and thyristors БСТ


  • The beginning of the formation of a dealer network, which made it possible to purchase OWEN products throughout Russia and CIS countries

  • A client database has been created


  • A line of OWEN САУ level alarms has been developed and released


  • A department of new developments has been created, serial production of devices has been launched

  • OWEN САУ-М2 level monitoring devices and temperature indicators have appeared in the assortment


  • The year of the company’s foundation. A group of enthusiasts organized a small enterprise

  • The first development was a protective shutdown device for the OWEN УЗОТЭ-2У three-phase motor