Gluten deformation meter IDK-3M

Designed to determine the quality of gluten in wheat grains and wheat flour. Approved for methods for determining the quantity and quality of gluten in wheat. GOST 13586.1-68, GOST 27839-88.

Included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments No. 21636-01
Certificate No. RU.C.28.004.A No. 10620
The accuracy of the device allows you to unambiguously determine:
– gluten quality group when resolving controversial issues arising from analysis, the indicators of which are on the border of two quality groups;
– the quality of weak gluten in wheat in order to optimally select improvers to give wheat higher baking properties.
The measurement process is fully automated, has an internal diagnostics system, which eliminates the adjustment and adjustment of the device during the entire period of operation.

Automated measurement process:
– plug the device into the network.
– put the gluten sample in the center of the table.
– press the START button.

– after 30 seconds, the display will show the measurement result.


Measurement mode auto
Measuring limits of gluten deformation 0 – 150.7 arb. units IDK
Limits of permissible absolute basic error no more than +0.5 sr.u.
The value of the weight of the movable calibrated load 120 g
Power consumption no more than 20 watts
dimensions 200 x 110 x 240 mm
Weight no more than 1.7 kg
Guarantee 1 year