The principle of operation of the devices is based on the mechanical action of a rotating working body on a test sample placed in a washing chamber, with a continuous supply of water into it. As a result, raw gluten is released, and the washed starch and shells are transferred to the trapping sieve of the receiving bath.
Device U1-MOK-1M – desktop execution, consists of a body, a cleaning unit, an electric drive, a gap regulator, a hydraulic system, a time relay unit, a control panel.
The washing unit consists of two decks: upper and lower, which, when closed, form a sealed chamber, inside which a shaft with an ellipsoidal corrugated working body rotates.
A sieve is installed in the lower deck of the chamber, the cleaning of which is carried out with a special spatula rotated by the working body.
The gap size regulator is equipped with an adjusting calibrated disk, when turned, the working body moves in the vertical direction, as a result of which the technological gap between the chamber bottom and the working body changes.
The control panel is mounted on the front of the device. The remote control contains: buttons and ; knobs for regulators and water flow; horn buttons and .


Productivity, number of washes/h. 14
Permissible discrepancy in the amount of gluten between washings,%, no more +2
Power consumption, kW, no more 0.1
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 550x350x530
Weight, kg, no more 35