Device U1-MOK-1MT with a tank for water for mechanized laundering of gluten

The U1-MOK-1MT device is designed for washing and squeezing raw gluten from grain (meal) and wheat flour without the use of manual labor.
The device is used in laboratories of grain-receiving, flour-grinding, baking enterprises, in laboratories of the State Bread Inspectorate, research institutes and other enterprises and organizations of agriculture involved in determining the quality of wheat by the gluten complex.
The device has a desktop version; washes gluten from samples of wheat grain of all types and flour of all varieties of any quality.
U1-MOK-1MT consists of a housing, a cleaning unit, an electric drive, a gap regulator, a hydraulic system, a time relay unit and a control panel.
Simplicity and reliability of the design, ease of operation and maintenance ensure the comfort of the laborious operation for washing gluten and speed up the process of this operation by 2-2.5 times.


Productivity, number of washes / hour 4
Permissible discrepancy between washings, % no more ±2
Rotation frequency of the working body, rpm 57
Power supply, V/Hz/W 220/50/100
Water consumption per wash, l 9.2
Overall dimensions (LxW(without bathtub)xH), no more than, mm: 530x300x530
U1-MOK-1MT device weight, no more than, kg 25