Dough mixer U1-ETK (with built-in dispenser) is designed for kneading dough from whole grain wheat (meal) and flour when determining the quantity and quality of gluten. The dough mixer is used in laboratories of grain-receiving, flour-grinding, bakery and food enterprises, GHI and research organizations.
The principle of operation of the dough mixer is to mix the components placed in a bowl, form dough in it and intensively mix it with rotating pins. The water dosing unit is equipped with a three-position dose switch for 14, 17, 20 ml with an accuracy of ± 2% for kneading dough, respectively, from 25, 30, 50 g of meal or flour.



Mixed sample weight, kg 0.01 – 0.05
Mixing productivity / h, not less than 40
Duration of one batch, s 18 – 60
Bowl capacity, l 0.25
Rotation frequency of the working body, rpm 600
power, kWt 0.25
Overall dimensions, mm 320x225x335
Mixer weight, kg 25