For measurements in medium / high conductivity ranges in the chemical industry

The InPro7108-VP/PEEK four-electrode probe is used for measurements in the medium/high conductivity ranges where chemical compatibility of materials is required. The special design of the sensors provides resistance to the most aggressive chemicals. The compact design and 1″ pipe thread make it possible to directly install the sensor in pipelines of even small diameters. For particularly aggressive media, a modification of the sensor with hastelloy electrodes is available.

WideRangeTM technology makes the sensor suitable for applications in the chemical industry such as flushing, washing, control of dilution processes and monitoring of salt content. The sensor is suitable for CIP/SIP procedures. The sterilizable sensor will also withstand CIP/SIP procedures. The waterproof (IP68) VarioPin connector ensures excellent signal transmission even in very high humidity and in direct contact with water.

Features and Benefits

WideRange Technology

  • Wide measurement range while maintaining a compact sensor design.This saves you installation costs and allows you to standardize the various sensor applications.

    High reliability
    • The VarioPin connection system, waterproof connector (IP68), guarantees reliable and uninterrupted signal transmission and protects against problems with high levels of humidity.It will also reduce costs compared to installing fixed cables.

    Resistance to aggressive environments
    • PEEK (Poly-ether-ether-ketone) is used in cases where it is necessary to ensure the chemical compatibility of materials and resistance to the most aggressive reagents. For particularly aggressive media, a modification of the sensor with electrodes made of stainless steel or Hastelloy alloy is available.

Specifications – Inpro7108-VP/PEEK 4-electrode probe

Max. pressure (bar) 17 bar (25 °C), 7 bar (95 °C)
Max. pressure (psi) 250 psi in. (77 °F), 100 psi inch (203°F)
Meas. Range 0.02-650 mS/cm
Temperature Range -10…140 °C (14…284 °F)
Temperature measurement error ±0.25 °C (25 °C)
cell factor 0.25 cm-1 (nominal)
Construction material stainless steel steel 316L
Sensor material PEEK (polyetheretherketone) (FDA)
O-rings, insulation PEEK (polyetheretherketone) (FDA)
temperature sensor Pt1000
Industry/Application Chemical Concentration Measurements