Conductivity sensor for CIP / CIP systems

The InPro7108-25-VP four-electrode sensors are designed for use in CIP systems in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as other applications such as phase or media separation. The use of the popular “INGOLD” welded sockets ensures the convenience of mounting the sensors even on small-diameter pipelines. The sensors are sterilizable at temperatures up to 140°C. The special design of the sensors provides resistance to adverse effects in the most severe flushing regimes. MaxCertTM simplifies the validation and qualification of process equipment. The package includes all material certificates and calibration traceable to NIST/ASTM standards.

Sensors of the InPro 7100-VP series are four-electrode conductometric sensors designed to work in the middle and upper range of electrical conductivity – from 0.01 mS / cm to the upper limit of the range, depending on the type of transmitter used. This allows the use of this type of sensors at various stages of water treatment – from drinking water control to wastewater control, as well as for determining the concentrations of various solutions.
Features and Benefits
• For maximum measurement accuracy at various temperatures, the InPro 7100-VP is equipped with a Pt1000 temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.

  • Special design and materials used ensure exceptional reliability in the toughest industrial environments: stainless steel or Hastelloy electrodes and PVC (up to 80°C) or PEEK (up to 140°C) body.The four-electrode design of the sensors minimizes the effect of polarization, while the flat surface prevents contamination and significantly increases the service life.
  • Cell constant determined for each sensor produced, with high precision standard solutions verified by the manufacturer’s quality certificate
    • Sealed IP 68 cable connector guarantees signal transmission accuracy and reliability

There are various options for mounting sensors of this type, which allows them to be installed at a given point in the production line:

  • mounting with flanges or sleeves
    • use of standard METTLER TOLEDO INGOLD welding nipples
    • standard InDip 550 NPT 1″ immersion type housings
    • standard InFlow 751 flow type housings

Specifications – Inpro7108-25-VP 4-electrode probe

Max. pressure (bar) 17 bar (25 °C), 7 bar (95 °C)
Max. pressure (psi) 250 psi in. (77 °F), 100 psi inch (203°F)
Meas. Range 0.02-650 mS/cm
Temperature Range -10…140 °C (14…284 °F)
Temperature measurement error ±0.25 °C (25 °C)
cell factor 0.25 cm-1 (nominal)
Construction material 316L
Sensor material PEEK (polyetheretherketone) (FDA)
O-rings, insulation PEEK (polyetheretherketone) (FDA)
temperature sensor Pt1000
Industry/Application Pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries