High-precision measurement of electrical conductivity in the chemical industry

These high-precision and low-cost two-electrode sensors are designed for use in all stages of water treatment in the chemical industry. The standard 3/4″ thread makes it easy to mount the sensors in process lines. METTLER TOLEDO’s two-electrode sensors for the chemical industry are exceptionally accurate with a factory-defined cell constant traceable to NIST/ASTM standards.

The InPro7005 universal sensor is suitable for water treatment and purification processes in the range from ultra-pure to drinking water. The sensor electrodes are made of titanium, the connection type is 3/4″ NPT, which makes it attractively priced and easy to install. The sensor has an IP68 certified connector and is able to accurately transmit a signal.

Features and Benefits

Wide Measurement Range
• WideRangeTM technology allows the sensor to be used in virtually any media, from ultrapure water to potable water and even dilute salt solutions. You can standardize production processes by using sensors of the same type – this will reduce costs and improve control over the circulation of spare parts.

Optimization of the production process
• The VarioPin connection system, waterproof connector (IP68), guarantees reliable and uninterrupted signal transmission and protects against problems with high levels of humidity. It will also reduce costs compared to installing fixed cables and is much more convenient to use.

Easy Installation
• Simply screw the sensor into a 3/4″ NPT tee pipe.

Specifications – Inpro7105-VP 2-electrode probe

Max. pressure (bar) 17 bar (25 °C), 7 bar (95 °C)
Max. pressure (psi) 250 psi in. (77 °F), 100 psi inch (203°F)
Meas. Range 0.02 – 10,000 µS/cm
Temperature Range -10…100 °C (14…212 °F)
O-rings, insulation Viton® (FDA), PEEK (FDA)
Sensor material stainless steel 316L/1.4401 Teflon coated
Error +/- 1.0%
Temperature measurement error +/- 0.25 °C
temperature sensor Pt1000
cell factor 0.11/cm
Construction material Titanium
Industry/Application Water purification