Compact design and superior performance

METTLER TOLEDO’s wide range of conductivity meters is complemented by the InPro7100, a rugged and versatile conductivity sensor that can be easily integrated into a variety of process applications. The InPro7100 is particularly effective in the food, chemical and pulp and paper industries. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) housing provides high resistance to aggressive solutions and is particularly effective in processes requiring frequent CIP/sterilization cycles. The sensor is available with electrodes made of stainless steel 1.4435, Hastelloy C22 and titanium. The wide measurement range of 0.02 to 500 mS/cm makes this sensor effective in a wide variety of applications.

Features and Benefits

Versatile Applications
• The InPro7100 is compatible with a wide range of fixed (InFit and InDip Series) and gateway (InTrac Series) enclosures. There is no need to adapt the production process.
WideRangeTM Technology Saves Costs and Improves Measurement Accuracy
• WideRangeTM technology enables small, easy-to-install probes. It allows the sensors to be installed in small diameter pipes (DN50).
Fast Response Time
• The fast response of the InPro7100 Series allows immediate detection of changes in the process, thereby optimizing process control. Benefits:
– Increased profitability
– High product quality
– Cost savings in the production process
Ease of process integration
• The compact size of the InPro7100 sensors makes them compatible with a wide range of INGOLD housings, expanding integration options.

Specifications – Inpro7100 4-electrode probe

Max. pressure (bar) 0 …20 bar at 135 °C 0 …10 bar at 150 °C
Max. pressure (psi) 0 … 290 psi inch at 275 °F 0 … 145 psi inch at 302°F
Temperature Range -20…150 °C (-4…302 °F)
Electrode material stainless steel 316L (1.4435) or hastelloy (according to specification table), PEEK (polyetheretherketone)
ATEX Certification II 1/2 G Ex Ia IIB
Process adaption / connection thread Pg 13.5
Sterilizability Max. 150°C (max. 302°F)
Length 120mm
Construction material stainless steel 316L steel (electrodes)
Industry/Application Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage production
Meas. Range 0.02-500 mS/cm