Precise determination of water purity

The InPro7000-VP two-electrode sensor provides extremely high measurement accuracy and can be used in clean water and ultra-pure water treatment systems. The wide measurement range allows this sensor to be used with equal success in the entire range of electrical conductivity – from water of the highest degree of purification to weak salt solutions. METTLER TOLEDO dual electrode sensors for the chemical industry are exceptionally accurate with a factory-defined cell constant traceable to NIST/ASTM standards.


Conductometric two-electrode sensors are designed for high-precision measurements of electrical conductivity and resistance of clean and sparkling waters.
Main Features and Benefits

• A wide measurement range (measurement from theoretically pure water 0.055 μS/cm or 18.18 MΩ*cm to the upper limit of the range, depending on the type of secondary transducer used) allows the use of this type of sensors at various stages of water treatment.
• For each manufactured sensor, cell constant is individually determined with ultrapure water proofing to achieve maximum measurement accuracy
• To account for the influence of medium temperature and automatic temperature compensation, sensors in this series are equipped with a high-precision Pt1000 temperature sensor
• InPro 7001-VP and InPro 7002-VP sensors with roughness electrode surfaces Ra