Precise sensors for sanitary systems

The mirror-polished InPro7002 two-electrode probe is designed for hygienic applications. The sensor is steam sterilizable up to 155°C and mounts to 1 1/2″ or 2″ Tri-Clamp fittings commonly used in hygienic applications. METTLER TOLEDO’s two-electrode sensors exceed all of today’s requirements for measuring instruments used to control the quality of water preparation / treatment in the food industry.

The sensor is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry and is suitable for validation and qualification procedures. The cell constant of the sensor is precisely determined at the factory, which ensures high accuracy of the analysis. The IP68 certified connector avoids the influence of moisture on signal transmission. The sensor withstands sterilization up to 155°C, which is important for SIP cleaning used in the food industry.
Features and Benefits
Probe Certified
• MaxCertTM includes all the certifications you need for validation – no extra cost. The cell constant is determined and documented in the factory, 3.1B certificate for ss parts and certificates to EN 10204-2.1 standards for all other materials in contact with the transmitter.

Increases the productivity of production processes
• The IP68 waterproof VarioPin connection system guarantees perfect and uninterrupted signal transmission and eliminates moisture problems. Its application will allow you to reduce costs compared to installing fixed cables.

Probe sterilized
• This probe is fully steam sterilizable up to 131°C, which is important for SIP procedures in the food and beverage industry.

Specifications – Inpro7002-TC-VP 2-electrode probe

Cell Factor 0.1 cm-1 (nominal)
Meas. Range 0.02 – 2000 µS/cm
Temperature Range -10…120 °C (14…248 °F)
Max. pressure (bar) 17 bar (25°C), 7 bar (95°C)
Max. pressure (psi) 250 psi in. (77 °F), 100 psi inch (203°F)
Construction material stainless steel steel 316L
Sensor material stainless steel 316L/1.4435
O-rings, insulation PEEK (FDA)
Error ±1.0%
Temperature measurement error ±0.25 °C at 25 °C
temperature sensor Pt1000
Industry/Application Designed to comply with the sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry