Doppler vascular BV-520

The BV-520 Pocket Vascular Doppler is an accurate vascular measuring detector that is easy to carry from place to place and convenient to use in the clinical setting. It can also be used in surgical procedures that require measurement of blood flow through the heart.

BV-520 is a portable vascular doppler with a graphic (cursor) indicator showing the strength of blood flow. Allows you to evaluate the speed of arterial and venous blood flow using an 8 MHz transducer.
Hearing control is carried out using the built-in speaker.
Power supply – from rechargeable nickel-hydrogen or lithium batteries, and also connect to an AC power source through an adapter

– Ultrasound frequency: 8.0 MHz ± 10%
– Ultrasonic power: no more than 5 mW
– General sensitivity: no less than 90 dB
– Velocity measurement range: 4-40 cm/s
– Output sound power: no less than 100 mW
– Power supply: internal element 7.4 V / 900 mA/N
– Input power (when charging) no more than 5.0 VA
– weight 300 gr.
– dimensions – 35x55x13 mm