Doppler detector BF-510S!

With this device you can at any moment find out what pulse your baby has!
The device is absolutely safe and harmless, has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health, a hygiene certificate, has passed tests for toxicology and electrical safety.

An excellent gift!

Doppler detector (Doppler) BF-510S is designed to measure the parameters of the fetal heartbeat. The device is compact, lightweight, easy to operate and extremely reliable. The BF-510S has an LCD display that shows the heart rate while listening to the fetal heartbeat. It also provides additional features such as charging mode, charge level and abnormal heart rate indicator. The instrument uses 9 V batteries, which can be replaced by dry or rechargeable batteries.
The detector is designed to measure fetal heart rate parameters from 12 weeks of age.
The device can be used at home, due to its ease of use. Use at home will allow you to quickly monitor and document changes in the fetal heart rate. It will also allow you to relieve anxiety in the absence of external factors of the fetal life (tremors, etc.).

  • Operating frequency – 2 MHz.
  • Overall sensitivity not less than 90 dB
  • Measuring range 60 – 210 beats per minute
  • Power – 9V.