Video colposcope KN-2200A with LCD monitor 2.5 inches

The main advantages of this colposcope model over the KN-2200A model

– The presence of an LCD monitor (2.5 inches) on the back wall of the colposcope head, which makes it easier to aim at the area under examination during the examination.

– Presence of a hardware green filter.

Software – in Russian, very convenient, friendly interface.

The computer is optional.

A computer stand is also included.



Technical specifications:

Sensor Type CCD

Diagonal size ¼ inch

System magnification: not less than 352 times (including optical 22 times), continuous

Resolution: not less than 550TVL

Light source White LEDs

Maximum illumination, lx 1200 (adjustable)

Working distance:working distance 200mm~400mm, adjustable focus until image is sharp

Focus Auto/Manual

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz