Standard equipment of the device BV -610 V

– one ultrasound probe for fetal heart rate;

– One sensor of uterine contractions (TOKO-sensor);

– One fetal movement registration marker;

– two straps for the ultrasound probe;

– Power cable;

– Adapter for charging the device;

– Two blocks of paper for the printer;

– Warranty card;

– Tube with gel (250 ml);

The LCD monitor displays the fetal heart rate, builds a graph of heart rate changes. The date, time of examination, signal quality level, display speed, sound parameters, alarm signal (displayed or not), uterine contraction sensor readings are also displayed.

At the top of the screen, a graph of fetal heart rate over time is plotted.

At the bottom, the panel displays the real time and date of the study.

Sound volume indicator: You can set the volume at different levels (8 in total).

Alarm indicator.

Intensity: no more than 10mV/

Operating frequency: 1.0 MHz

Signal type: DSP system

Measurement limits: 50-240 beats per minute


Upper limit: 55-240 beats per minute

Lower limit: 50-235 beats per minute

Audio power: 5W

Power supply: from the mains 220V-240V,

Battery 24V 2.5A

Dimensions: 252x224x190 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg