Colposcopes Kernel Medical – the ideal solution for clinics and private offices

HB-Lab can hold a demonstration of the KN-2200B and KN-2200C Colposcopes in its office. You can sign up for a demonstration by phone: 8(495)642-86-60

Kernel 2200C is a binocular colposcope from a Chinese manufacturer. The build quality is at a high level. It is delivered on 2 types of a rack – a direct leg and hinged. All documents and certificates are available. Unfortunately, this model is not able to boast of a low cost, and in terms of parameters it is inferior to a domestic manufacturer.

The Kernel KN2200C colposcope was developed on the basis of a classic stereo microscope, which allows the doctor to conduct examinations directly through the eyepieces. The presence of a color video camera and software allows you to create reports and maintain a database of patients.

Distinctive features of the colposcope Kernel KN2200C

Five-step optical zoom.

Availability of a color video camera and software in Russian.

The presence of two independent channels of the illuminator. If the main lamp of the illuminator failed during the study, it is enough to rearrange the light guide to another channel of the illuminator without interrupting the study.

The presence of a cranked tripod, which allows, if necessary, to easily change the position of the optical head, including the height.

The presence of a pedal that allows you to take photos by pressing the pedal with your foot.

Easily accessible green filter.

The camera lens is combined with the lens of the binocular head, which allows you to display the image on the monitor the same as that observed through the eyepieces, which is especially sensitive when working with low magnifications.



Technical characteristics of the Kernel KN2200C colposcope

Parameter Video colposcope Kernel KN2200C
Optical characteristics
Magnification, times 3,4 5,1 8,5 13,6 21,3
Field of view, mm 75 50 30 19 12
Working distance, mm 300
Sharpness setting, diopter -5…+5
Green filter Availability
Illuminator Fiber Optic Lighting System
Illumination in the working area, lx ≥30000
Tripod type Cranked, pantographic type
Video System Options
Matrix type Color CCD/removable
Matrix size 1/3”
Effective Resolution 480,000 pixel
Permission 540TVL
Lens Camera lens common with binocular head lens
Lens magnification Combined with the optical head of the colposcope
Focusing Manual, smooth focus
Software Features
User language Russian English
Own database 170 photos
Export and import images Availability
Image transformations Availability
Measurements measuring distances, areas Availability
Video processing Availability
Data Annotation Availability
Report template Availability
Advanced database search Availability
Documentation Registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Declaration of Conformity
Instruction manual in Russian