Vascular Doppler BV-520T is out of production, the closest analogue is Fetal Doppler KN-2000+1

Pocket vascular dopplers BV-520T are portable devices designed to determine the speed of blood flow in the vessels. Used in hospitals and clinics. Indispensable in the offices of “diabetic foot”.

A feature of the BV-520T is the presence of an LSD monitor that reflects the average blood flow velocity.
The BV-520T detector shows the mean arterial and venous flow velocity using an 8 MHz transducer.
♦ BV-520T with built-in LCD monitor records the average blood flow velocity on a real-time timeline. The monitor also displays the battery charge level and the volume level of the built-in speaker.
♦ BV-520T has a freeze function and the ability to enter the date and time.

Ultrasonic frequency 8 MHz.
Power supply: rechargeable battery 7.5 V.
Adapter-charging 220V 50 kHz
Doppler frequency 100-7000 Hz
Display: 20 digit (BV-520)
LCD 128*96 (BV-520T)
Operating temperature range: +5..+40 °C
Output sound power: not less than 100 mW
Packing dimensions: 23.5cm*22cm*10cm
Weight: 0.6 kg.
Complete set: Adapter recharging, gel.