A fetal doppler ultrasound is a device that uses the Doppler effect of ultrasound to determine the fetal heartbeat.

The BF-610/610P can display the fetal heart rate (FHR) on the blue backlit liquid crystal display, and print the FHR waveform and other data on the printer. This multifunctional fetal doppler is easy to operate, can be used simply as a fetal doppler, and can also perform other functions of interest in clinical practice, provided that various probes are used.


  • Using an advanced battery charging circuit to extend battery life.
  • High brightness, blue backlit LCD display, icon, waveform and data can be displayed.
  • One-button control (FHR and waveform output) and the ability to switch to dual display mode.
  • Permanent internal time tracking with the possibility of printing.
  • Display of the FHR icon in real time and the ability to print a curve on it.
  • Frequency: 1.0MHz, 2.0MHz, 5.0MHz, 8.0MHz (±10%)
Data sheet
Key Features and Components Availability
1. Sensors 2 MHz, 5 MHz to determine the fetal heartbeat Availability
2. Ability to connect sensors 1MHz and 8MHz Availability
3. Heart rate measurement range 60-210 beats per minute Availability
4. The intensity of ultrasonic radiation is not more than 10mV/cm2 Availability
5. Overall sensitivity not less than 90 dB Availability
6. Powered by 220V and 14.4V rechargeable battery Availability
7. Continuous battery life over 8 hours Availability
8. Built-in speaker with volume control Availability
9. LCD display with bright blue backlight Availability
10. Ability to print out the heart rate curve and document the measurement results Absent
11. Average recording time in the device 2 minutes Availability
12. Ability to switch to dual image mode: real-time heart rate value and heart rate waveform Availability
13. Error indicator and the ability to independently set the error value limits Availability

The scope of delivery of the device includes:

  • 1 main unit
  • AC adapter – 1 pc.
  • Sensors (2MHz, 5MHz) – 2 pcs.
  • Acoustic gel – 1 bottle
  • Instruction manual – 1 pc.

Additionally, the following can be supplied: Sensor for 1 MHz and 8 MHz.