Refractometer Master Milk for milk (0-20%) (without verification), Atago (Japan)

Handheld optical refractometer Master-Milk is designed specifically for the Russian market in accordance with GOST 25179-90 to determine the mass fraction of protein in milk. This model has a double scale. The first scale is the mass fraction of protein in milk, the second is the classical nD scale. For measurements, sample preparation is required in accordance with GOST 25179-90: a solution of 4% calcium chloride and a water bath for boiling. The essence of the method is to measure both the milk itself and the obtained protein-free whey of the same milk, the difference between which is directly proportional to the mass fraction of protein in milk. The refractometer is equipped with an automatic temperature compensation function and is protected from moisture and dust, which will simplify its use and storage.


Scales: Scale of the mass fraction of protein in milk, %
Scale of the refractive index, nD
Measurement range: Protein: 0…20%;
ND: 1.333 – 1.375
Accuracy: Protein: ±0.2%;
nD: ±0.001
Minimum indication: Protein: ±0.1%;
nD: ±0.0005
ATK function: 10…30°C
Dimensions and weight: 3.2*3.4*16.8 cm, 130 gr.
Protection class: IP65, waterproof and dustproof