Viscometric analyzer of somatic cells in milk “Somatos (Somatos
 M)” (modernized)
The device is included by the Commission of the European Union (project FD RUS 9704 of the TACIS program) into the composition of laboratories for milk quality control.
Somatos-M measures the concentration of somatic cells to determine the sanitary safety of raw milk and the quality of its processed products (cheeses, sour-milk products, etc.).
Scope of the Somatos-M analyzer:
– On farms and in collective farms for the control and fight against mastitis.
– At the input control of processing enterprises.
– At veterinary stations and SES stations.
In the Somatos-M device, a method of regulated wave-like and non-stationary mixing of milk with the Mastoprim preparation in the selected flask is implemented, which ensures the metrological accuracy of this calibration.

Range of measurement of the number of somatic cells (thousand in 1 cm3) from 90 to 1500
Basic error limit 5%
Average duration of one measurement 4 min
Dimensions 290x270x180 mm
Weight (no more) 5 kg
Power consumption (no more) 70 W

As a result of the device modernization, the following is provided:
– alphanumeric indication;
– storing the sequence of measurement results;
– the possibility of calculating average values ​​for parallel determinations