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Ultrasonic milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4” version 220

Designed to determine the mass fraction of fat, protein, dry skimmed milk residue, mass fraction of added water, density in the sample of whole fresh, canned, pasteurized, normalized, reconstituted, skimmed, long-term storage milk. Specifications:

Measured indicator measurement range Limit of permissible basic absolute error
Mass fraction of fat, % 0.1 – 8.9 0.05
Mass fraction of protein, % 1.5 -3.8 0.10
Mass fraction of SOMO, % 6.0 – 12.0 0.18
Density, kg / m 3 1000 – 1040 0.5
Water content, % 0 – 100 2

· Milk consumption per measurement 25mm3 · Acidity of the analyzed milk is not more than 25Т° Establishment of the operating mode When the Milk Quality Analyzer is connected to the network, the warming up is carried out automatically within 5 minutes. Measurement time – 3.5 minutes. High precision combined with high performance. Productivity is about 20 samples per hour. Device for connecting to a computer included. To connect the milk analyzer to a computer and receive measurement results in electronic form, a null-modem cable and software for WINDOWS are supplied with it A printer. At the request of the client, it is possible to additionally equip the analyzer with a TEPS-1 printer, which is designed to print the measurement parameters on paper without the participation of a computer. Certificates. The analyzer is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments No. 13134-05, certificate No. 21826 dated 10.20.05. The measurement technique was developed by VNIMI No. VNIMI-01-2000. Certificate of attestation of methodology No. 2420/230-00 dated August 21, 2000. The device is listed in the State Register of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania. Dimensions The analyzer has a relatively small dimensions of 300 240 95 mm and weighs only 2.5 kg. Warranty period 2 years!!! Related products