Milk analyzer Lactoscan SP

Lactoscan SP (SP – standard, plastic) is without exaggeration the most popular analyzer among milk quality laboratories. The device determines 9 indicators of milk.

The analysis time of one sample is 50-60 seconds (can be reduced to 30 seconds – option). Advantages of Lactoscan SP:

  1. Lactoscan SP work with milk from +5 °C thanks to built-in sample preparation.
  2. Lactoscan SP determines from 9 to 11 indicators of milk, including falsification (impurities; water, soda, inhibitory substances, etc.).This is possible through the total salt indicator: if milk is diluted with water, and then flour or chalk is added, then Laktoscan will show this. It will also show if soda is added to sour milk.
  3. Lactoscan SP can handle cream without dilution up to 25% (optionally up to 45%).
  4. Lactoscan SP – measurement time – 50 seconds!
  5. Lactoscan SP – USB connector for connecting to a PC, software included (data saving, processing, system recovery, service, correction of indicators, recalibration).
  6. Lactoscan SP – calibration and adjustment directly from the keys on the analyzer, no need to send to a service center!The whole procedure is 1-2 minutes for each indicator.
  7. Lactoscan SP operate on 12V and 220V – the base is equipped with an appropriate power supply and cord.
  8. All Lactoscan SP models are equipped with built-in static pumps and an annular flush circuit.This allows you to always rinse the analyzer with high quality: detergents displace milk residues, moving clockwise and getting through one intake, and merge through the second.The cell is always clean – the measurement is always accurate. Plus, it has a positive effect on the resource.

Specifications of Milk Analyzer Laktoscan SP

Measured indicator Measuring range Convergence of measurements of the analyzer / Permissible error of measurements in accordance with GOST
Mass fraction of fat, % 0.01…25.0 ±0.03 / ±0.10
Mass fraction of protein, % 2.0…7.0 ±0.03 / ±0.15
Mass fraction of SOMO, % 3.0…15.0 ±0.05 / ±0.15
Density, kg/m³ 1015…1040 ±0.1 / ±0.3
Freezing point, оС -0.400…-0.700 ±0.001
Mass fraction of water, % 0…70 ±3
Mass fraction of lactose, % 0.01…6.0 ±0.02 / ±0.2
Mass fraction of salts, % 0.4…1.5 ±0.02 / ±0.05
Sample temperature, °С +5…+40 ±1

The device provides for the possibility of adjusting the readings (introducing correction values) in case of objective deviations from the measurement results obtained by arbitration methods. This is done very simply through the analyzer menu with an accuracy of 0.01% for any of the indicators.

The analyzer is initially supplied with a set of detergents: Lactodaily alkaline cleaning solution and Lactoweekly acidic cleaning solution, as well as a primary RF verification certificate issued for a period of 1 year!