OVEN PD100I sensors of model 167 are hydrostatic pressure transducers of a liquid column (level) with a stainless steel measuring membrane and a built-in hydrometric cable. This model has a degree of dust and moisture protection IP68. A capillary is present in the cable to connect the sensor to the atmosphere. A removable protective cap protects the measuring membrane (“open port” M20×1.5) from mechanical damage.

Converters of this model are used in systems for measuring and maintaining the liquid level at water supply facilities: water wells, water towers, storage and waste tanks and reservoirs. For more convenient mounting of the transducer on site, the terminal box OWEN KK-01 is offered as an accessory.

Main characteristics

  • Converting pressure into a unified DC signal 4…20 mA.
  • The upper limit of the measured pressure (URL) is a range of values ​​from 1.0 to 100 m of water. Art.
  • Overload capacity is not less than 200% URL.
  • The main reduced error is 0.5; 0.25% URL.
  • Degree of protection of the case of the gauge of pressure – IP68.