OVEN PD200 model 155 sensors are differential pressure transducers in a field housing with a measuring membrane made of stainless steel and a metal cable gland.

The converters of this model are designed to measure the pressure drop or liquid level in pressure vessels or the flow rate of the medium on constricting devices in automatic regulation and control systems in the main and secondary industries in industry and housing and communal services: gas distribution systems, gas metering units, energy facilities, “drums” boilers in boiler rooms, steam generating facilities, ventilation systems, etc.

Main characteristics of the converter

  • measurement of the pressure difference of mediums neutral to stainless steel (air, steam, various liquids)
  • conversion of differential pressure into a unified DC signal 4…20 mA and HART protocol
  • upper limit of the measured differential pressure (URL) – a range of values ​​from ± 60.0 Pa to ± 2.0 MPa
  • maximum static pressure – 13 MPa
  • accuracy class – 0.1
  • degree of protection of the pressure sensor housing – IP65
  • noise immunity meet the requirements for class A equipment according to GOST30804.6.2-2013.