New optical sensor for aerated wort analysis in beer production

The new InPro6960i sensors for brewery applications provide a high level of availability, ease of maintenance, and effective dissolved oxygen measurement in wort aeration brewing processes. Optical oxygen sensors are simple and easy to use, improving process reliability and reducing total cost of ownership. A simple air calibration procedure and high long-term stability keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Main Features and Benefits

Ease of Use
• Plug and Measure enabled InPro6960i® sensors with minimal OptoCap sensor change time set a new standard for ease of use when performing dissolved oxygen measurements in the brewery.
High Safety
• Use of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials and mirror polished sensor surfaces (grade N5) for easy cleaning ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.
A new approach to maintenance with ISM technology
• ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology provides the user with important information about sensor wear and enables pre-planned maintenance.
Reliable control
• Highest measurement accuracy in bottling lines.

Specifications – InPro 6960i Optical Oxygen Sensor

Digital interface with ISM
Accuracy +/-1% + 8 ppb
Wetted materials stainless steel steel (AISI316L) with 3.1B certificate
Mechanical strength up to 12 bar
Detection range 8 to 25 ppb
Connector 5 Pin
Sterilization Yes
Insertion length for 12 mm: 120, 220, 320 mm
Response time at 25 °C (air –> N2) less than 20 sec.
O2-Range 8 ppb to full saturation
operating temperature 0…40 С, up to 121 С at CIP
Pressure range up to 9 bar
Measurement method optic
Wetted sensor material stainless steel steel
Seal material EPDM
Industry/Application Sterile/hygienic processes in wort aeration