Optical sensor for dissolved oxygen analysis in biotechnology

The InPro6870i optical sensor is designed to analyze the concentration of dissolved oxygen in processes requiring sterilization (in particular in bioreactors). Combined with the M400 transmitter and ISM technology, the InPro6870i provides advanced diagnostic capabilities that allow the user to plan maintenance ahead of time. The optical method of dissolved oxygen analysis allows you to reduce the response time.

Distinctive features and benefits

Accurate and Reliable Measurements
• High signal stability and faster response times than amperometric sensors provide the highest accuracy in oxygen measurement. Extended maintenance intervals allow for a proportionate increase in line uptime while maintaining the highest level of process control.
Increased security
• Digital transmission eliminates the effect of interference on the transmitted signal, regardless of cable length. DLI (Dynamic Remaining Life Indicator) and ACT (Adaptive Calibration Timer) technologies allow maintaining the measurement error within the specified limits for a long time. The quality of measurements becomes a predictable parameter.
ISM technology – a new approach to maintenance
• ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology provides the user with advanced diagnostic functions that allow detailed planning of maintenance procedures in accordance with the principle “no more often than really necessary”.
Ease of use
• Simplified maintenance procedures for the electrolyte-free sensor, eliminating the need for electrode polarization, ensures maximum sensor availability. The InPro6870i sensors with Plug and Measure technology and minimal OptoCap sensor replacement time set a new standard in ease of use. Errors associated with improper handling of the sensor are completely eliminated.

Specifications – InPro 6870i Optical Oxygen Sensor

Digital interface (ISM) with plug and measure technology and pre-batch diagnostics
Accuracy +/-1% + 8 ppb
Wetted materials stainless steel steel (AISI316L) with 3.1B certificate
Mechanical strength up to 6 bar
Detection range 8 ppb to saturation
Connector 5 Pin
Autoclaving No
Sterilization Yes
Insertion length 12mm: 120, 220, 320, 420mm
Response time at 25 °C (air –> N2) less than 20 sec.
O2-Range 8 ppb to saturation
operating temperature 5…60 С, up to 130 during sterilization
Measurement method optic
Wetted sensor material stainless steel steel
Seal material EPDM
Mechanical strength up to 6 bar
Industry/Application Biopharmaceutical industry / control of fermentation processes with the need for frequent sterilization / autoclaving