Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Biotechnology Applications

Ease of use, exceptional performance

The InPro 6860i sensor is specifically designed for applications in the biotechnology industry, from laboratory research to industrial bioreactors.
Fully supporting Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, the InPro 6860i Dissolved Oxygen Sensor delivers exceptional performance with minimal maintenance requirements. All maintenance and sensor calibration procedures are automatically documented.

Features and Benefits

Easy to manage
• Plug and Measure for quick start
• Pre-calibration with iSense Asset Suite software
• Compatibility with analog and digital systems

High performance
• High accuracy due to advanced optical technology
• Automatic drift compensation ensures stability

• Proactive maintenance
• Real-time sensor status information with ISM diagnostics
• Sensor diagnostics and calibration with iSense Asset Suite
Hygienic design
• OptoCap sensing element coated with PTFE to prevent organic contamination
• OptoCap ring cap for easy cleaning

Specifications – InPro 6860i Optical Oxygen Sensor

Combined interface mode, digital (ISM) and analog (nA) output for biocontrollers and transmitters
Accuracy +/-1% + 8 ppb
Mechanical strength no more than 6 bar (87 psi)
Detection range 8 ppb to saturation
Sterilization Eat
operating temperature 0 … 60 °C
Length 120mm, 220mm, 320mm, 420mm
Cables and connectors PTFE
Diameter 12 mm
Industry/Application Biopharmaceutical industry / control of fermentation processes with the need for frequent sterilization / autoclaving