Luminescent Mikmed-2 option 11

Microscope Mikmed-2 var.11 is designed for immunological studies using fluorescent and enzyme labels of a wide range, as well as histological and cytological studies in clinical laboratory diagnostics, virology, bacteriology.

The microscope allows you to observe and photograph the image of the studied preparations:
– in the light of their visible luminescence when illuminated from above with light that excites luminescence;

– in transmitted light in a bright field and by the phase contrast method.

Distinctive features:

– Improved image quality across the field and increased contrast;

– Coaxial (combined) coarse and fine focusing mechanism.


Nozzle binocular
Magnification, times 63-1500
Objectives (stigmachromat and microfluar): (10/0.50L);(20/0.45L);(40/0.65L);(40/0.65L); (100/1.30L(MI))
Capacitor Numerical Aperture 0.9
Spectral range of luminescence excitation, nm 400-550
Spectral range of the studied luminescence, nm 500-700
Light source halogen lamp 6V/25W; mercury lamp 100W
Table subject with coordinate movement of the drug
power unit built-in
Voltage, V 220
Power consumption, W 210
Overall dimensions, mm 220x540x635
Weight, kg 17
Overall dimensions (with packaging), mm 880x550x540
Weight (with packaging), kg 18