Microscope Mikmed-2 option 2 (BIMAM R-13 and BIMAM R-11)

It is a high quality laboratory microscope with achromatic optics. Scrap production (St. Petersburg)

Currently, LOMO has stopped their production, however, microscopes from the 2000s at a super price of 29,900 rubles remain in our warehouse! Foreign analogues similar in level are currently 5-7 times more expensive.

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Microscope Mikmed-2 variant 2 is intended for examination of preparations in transmitted light in a bright field, and in an additional configuration by the method of phase contrast, oblique illumination and dark field.

Mikmed 2 version 2 (old name – BIMAM R-13 and BIMAM R-11) can be used in biochemical, pathoanatomical, cytological, hematological, urological, dermatological, biological and general clinical laboratories of any medical institution.

The high-quality performance characteristics of the Mikmed 2 var.2 microscope are provided by achromatic lenses that provide an improved image across the field, a built-in 25 W halogen illuminator, a centerable condenser and an adjustable field diaphragm built into the tripod, which allows you to adjust the uniform Koehler illumination, achieve optimal contrast and high optical resolution.

Microscope Mikmed-2 version 2 is included in the state register of medical devices, has a registration certificate No. FS 02010778/3514-06, and a certificate from VNIIS that the microscope does not belong to the objects of mandatory certification.

Microscope Mikmed-2 option 2 has a number of advantages:
• М2В2 complies with the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission.
• Improved image quality across the M2B2 field.
• Increased M2B2 contrast.
• Coaxial mechanism for coarse and fine focusing M2V2.
• Two-coordinate rectangular object table with a preparation guide.
• Lighting system according to the Köhler principle, built into the M2B2 base.
• Halogen lighting 6V 25W with smooth dimming M2B2.
• Modular design principle of the M2V2 microscope.

Specifications Mikmed-2 option 2:
Magnification, multiple 40x -1500x Attachment
Eyepieces 10x/18; 15x/11
Revolver For 4 lenses
Achromatic correction lenses 4x/0.12; 10x/0.30; 40x/0.65; 100x/1.25MI
Object stage Rectangular, two-coordinate Object stage
dimensions, mm 190×140
Condenser with folding lens А=0.9/0.3
Light filters Green, blue, orange, neutral, matte plate
Light source halogen lamp, V/W 6/25
AC mains, V / Hz 220 / 50
Overall dimensions, mm 220x470x435
Weight, kg No more than 10