Microscope stereoscopic MSP-1 option 22

Microscope stereoscopic pancratic MSP-1 var.22 is designed to observe a direct three-dimensional image of objects with a smooth change in the magnification of the pancratic system (“zoom”).

The universal characteristics of this stereomicroscope allowed it to be used in a wide variety of areas:

– scientific research (medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, chemistry);

– jewelry and watch production;

– criminalistics;

– production control.

Microscope features:

  • The optical head provides a change in the magnification of the “zoom” system from 1x to 4.5x.
  • The inclination of the tubes of the binocular nozzle is 45º, the interpupillary distance is adjustable within 50 – 75 mm.
  • The trinocular head of the microscope, equipped with an adapter (C-mount) for a video camera, allows you to install a video eyepiece for recording video and still images.



Zoom lens magnification, times

1.0 – 4.5

Visible magnification of a microscope with an eyepiece 10x (20), times

10 – 45 (20 – 90)

with additional lens 2x*

20 – 90 (40 – 180)*

with additional lens 0.5x*

5 – 45 (10 – 90)*

Working distance, mm


with additional lens 2x, mm


with additional lens 0.5x, mm



Transmitted and reflected light illuminator based on LEDs

220V 50Hz

Overall dimensions, mm

210 x 290×360

Weight, kg