The Dual-scope microscope is a wonderful gift for an inquisitive child.

The main advantage of this microscope is the presence of two illuminations – upper and lower, which allows you to consider both transparent and non-transparent materials (coins, etc.), while the majority of microscopes make it possible to study only transparent materials in transmitted light.

The microscope is light, ergonomic, the rounded edges of the microscope provide protection against possible injury to the child.

We recommend purchasing a set of research preparations together with a microscope (the slides contain chemical and biological samples that will be very interesting to examine under a microscope)

Specifications of the DUAL-SCOPE school microscope:

  • Microscope magnification 40-400x
  • Lens magnification 4x; 10x; 40x
  • Eyepiece magnification 10x; 16x
  • Linear field in image space, mm 18
  • Mechanical length of the tube, mm 160
  • Dimensions of the subject table, mm 95×95
  • The range of movement of the object table using the focusing mechanism, mm 0-15
  • Power supply AC adapter 3 AA cells (4.5 V)
  • Light sources (top/bottom light) LED