The Duo-Scope 45 LCD microscope is a modern biological microscope for teaching and self-study at home. The microscope is equipped with an independent microcomputer combined with a video camera and an LCD monitor, which allows you to immediately view the image on the monitor screen, if necessary, print or save the results of observations to a CD card. for which there is a separate slot. Mini USB digital output provides connection to a computer for further processing and analysis of images, as well as publishing your work on the Internet.

The presence of two LED illuminations in the DuoScope 45 LCD microscope makes it possible to observe transparent colored and uncolored biological objects in the form of smears and sections in the transmitted light of the lower illuminator, and opaque small-sized volumetric and thin film objects in the reflected light of the upper illuminator. The presence of a removable preparation driver ensures accurate positioning of the test preparation along the plane of the object table in two mutually perpendicular directions, with the determination of the coordinates of the objects. This greatly simplifies the task of finding areas of the drug that are of interest to the researcher. The main advantages of the model:

  • optical elements made of high quality optical glass,
  • the presence of two built-in LED illuminators with adjustable brightness,
  • the presence of a removable drug driver,
  • combined power supply, from the mains 220 or AA batteries
  • modern ergonomic design,
  • relatively low price for devices of this class.

Complete set of Duo-scope-45-LCD microscope: 1) Microscope 2) LCD monitor with slot for SD memory card, USB connector; 3) USB cable; 4) Power adapter 220 V 5) Disc with diaphragms, joystick control and function buttons; 6) Three additional LED lamps. 7) Illumination lens 8) Eyepieces 10x and 16x 9) Tweezers, microtome, Petri dish and containers with dry preparations 10) 24 ready-made preparations and glass slides 11) Cover for microscope 12) Suitcase for the whole set.