School microscope Eureka 40x-1280x with a video eyepiece in a case
The microscope is designed to observe objects in transmitted and reflected light in a bright field.
The microscope can be used for educational and laboratory work in the field of biology at home, as well as in schools, lyceums and preschool educational institutions.
The microscope is equipped with built-in illuminators that operate on AC 220V through an adapter, which is included in the kit, and on three AA batteries. The versatility of the power supply of the lighting system allows you to use the microscope at home, in classrooms and on the go.
The microscope is designed to study biological objects in the form of smears and sections. When working with 4x and 10x lenses, it is possible to study opaque flat objects.
To display the image on the PC screen, view and work with files, a 2MP camera and software are used, which are included with the microscope.
Choice of available resolutions for the camera:


  • Microscope magnification, multiple 40 – 1280
  • The angle of inclination of the visual attachment, degrees 45
  • Nozzle magnification 1, Barlow lens complete with 2x magnification
  • Eyepieces 10; 16
  • Revolving device for 3 lenses
  • Achromatic lens correction type
  • Lenses 4x/0.1; 10x/0.25; 40x/0.65
  • Subject table, mm 90×90
  • Condenser disk device with a set of 6 diaphragms with built-in filters
  • Transmitted light source Spot LED
  • Reflected light source Spot LED
  • Power supply, V batteries 3 pcs. type AA, 4.5B
  • Power supply – AC, V/Hz 220 +-22/50
  • Overall dimensions, mm in a case – 390x255x135
  • Weight, no more than, kg 2
  • Sensor model Color CMOS sensor
  • Number of photodetector elements 2 MP
  • Operating system Windows 2K; Windows XP; Vista; Windows 7; Mac 10.4
  • Image processing software Future Win Joe


  • Microscope stand with inclined eyepiece tube, built-in reflected light illuminator with brightness control (LED) and three-socket revolver – 1
  • Base with built-in transmitted light illuminator with brightness control (LED) and built-in power supply – 1
  • Rectangular table (90x90mm) (with terminals and disk with diaphragms with light filters) – 1
  • Lens – 4×0.1 – 1
  • Lens – 10×0.25 – 1
  • Lens – 40×0.65 – 1
  • Eyepiece 10x – 1
  • Eyepiece 16x – 1
  • Barlow lens 2x – 1
  • Video eyepiece 2 MP – 1
  • Photomizer SE software disc – 1
  • Plastic box with 10 slides, 10 coverslips and 5 prepared specimens – 1
  • Power cord – 1
  • Microtome – 1
  • Artemia incubator – 1
  • Tongs – 1
  • Pipette – 1
  • Carrying case – 1
  • Operation manual – 1


  • The microscope comes in a carrying case. Complete with a microscope – a small microlaboratory for self-production of preparations.
  • Glass optics and metal construction ensure good image quality and long microscope life.
  • Built-in illuminators – LEDs – allow you to quickly adjust the lighting.
  • The illuminator has a brightness control that allows you to adjust the lighting comfortably: when working with lenses of high magnification, higher brightness is required to obtain good image quality, and when working with a lens of low magnification, it is necessary to reduce the illumination of the object.
  • The reflected light illuminator makes it possible to study opaque flat objects at low magnifications of lenses.
  • The illuminators are powered by 220V (via an adapter included in the kit) and by batteries, which makes it possible to use the microscope at home, in the classroom, and in the field.
  • The mechanism of the limiter (stop) and the spring-loaded frame at the 40x lens provide protection from mechanical damage to the front lens of the lens and the object.
  • Spring-loaded terminals allow convenient positioning of the specimen on the stage.
  • Convenient focus handle.
  • The durability and accuracy of fixing the moving part of the revolver is ensured by the use of special lubrication of steel elements.