Microscope “Schoolboy” ShM-1

A new model that combines simplicity and reliability with high-quality optics of a full-fledged laboratory microscope. The model is designed specifically for practical and laboratory work in biology in elementary and secondary schools. Powerful dual illumination provides the ability to observe objects both in transmitted light and in reflected (for opaque objects). Powered by “finger-type” batteries, the microscope allows you to work in the classroom, and outdoors, in low light conditions. The maximum magnification of 400x provides the ability to observe living cells. The 3-lens revolver makes it easy to change magnification, the aperture drum allows you to quickly change the color of the lower illumination to increase contrast.

Monocular microscope SHM-1 “Schoolboy” – will allow you to open up a huge microworld for your child, make many discoveries, and make learning really interesting and exciting. Observing with his own eyes all the beauty and perfection of the living world, any child will strive for further knowledge, and perhaps this will influence the choice of his future profession. The first microscope for a child aged 6-8 years must be safe, combine ease of setup with high-quality optics, so that the child does not have to strain his eyesight. Possessing powerful illumination and high-quality optics of a full-fledged laboratory microscope, Shkolnik is completely safe even during prolonged work. The model is specially designed for primary and secondary school students, providing a curriculum in biology, botany, chemistry and other disciplines for schoolchildren of any grade. Combining a simple design that makes it very easy to learn, “Schoolnik” has additional options from the world of professional models – a drum with colored diaphragms, which facilitates the examination of unstained bio-materials, in the form of smears or sections. Complete set: Microscope. Instruction. Pipette. Awl for working with the object of study. Stirring sticks – 2 pcs. Test tube. Petri dish. Tweezers. Preparations for coloring: Blue – 1 pc. Red – 1 pc. Professional micropreparations – 5 pcs. Slides – 5 pcs. Cover glasses – 5 pcs. Notepad for sketches. Batteries “AA” – 3 pcs. Warranty – 12 months. Specifications:

Microscope magnification multiples 40 – 400
Revolving device for 3 lenses
Lens, multiple 10x
visual attachment monocular
Tube angle 30 deg.
Eyepieces, fold 4x; 10x; 40x
Subject table 90x90mm.
Light source Light-emitting diode
Power supply elements “AA” 1.5v – 3 pcs.
Monocular Yes