Binocular biological microscope Micromed-1 var. 2-20

The microscope can be used in various fields of medicine, biology, botany, chemistry and other fields of science. It is used for diagnostic studies in clinics and hospitals, as well as for educational purposes in higher and secondary educational institutions.

Distinctive features Micromed-1 var. 2-20

  • Compared with the simplest training models Micromed 1 var. 2-20 has:
  • Binocular visual attachment.
  • Two-coordinate object table with coaxial handles.
  • Coaxial mechanism for coarse and fine focusing.
  • The focusing mechanism has a hardness adjustment for coarse focusing.
  • Wide-field eyepieces with remote pupil.
  • The light source is a halogen lamp with a color temperature comfortable for the eyes, with brightness control, which allows you to comfortably work with lenses of all magnifications.
  • The Micromed 1 microscope is available in three versions – monocular, binocular and trinocular. This binocular model is suitable for individual work of a student, a laboratory assistant.
  • A wide range of accessories increases the capabilities of the microscope.

Characteristics of the binocular biological microscope Mikromed-1 var.2-20

Microscope magnification, times 40 – 1000 (1600; 2000 – option)
visual nozzle binocular, diopter adjustment +-5 diopters on the left tube
Angle of inclination of the visual nozzle, hail thirty
Adjustable interpupillary distance, within, mm 48-75
Nozzle enlargement 1
Eyepieces wide-field 10/18; (5/18*; 12.5/15*; 16/15*; 20/11* – ordered separately)
Revolving device for 4 lenses
Lens correction type chromates, designed for tube length 160
Lenses 4x/0.1; 10x/0.25; 40x/0.65; 100x/1.25 mi (20x/0.4*; 60x/0.85* – ordered separately)
Subject table, mm 125×130
Range of drug movement, mm 70×30
Abbe centered condenser, max. numerical aperture 1.25
Light source – halogen lamp, V/W 6/20
Power supply – AC, V / Hz 220+-22/50
Overall dimensions, mm unpackaged 180x290x380; in a package 225x330x410
Weight, no more than, kg without packaging 5.0; per pack 5.2