Microscope MICROMED MS-1 var 2C

Designed to observe both volumetric objects and thin film and transparent objects, as well as to perform a variety of fine work: preparation – in biology, study of rock samples – in mineralogy, as well as in other areas of science and technology.
The microscope gives a direct and three-dimensional image of the objects in question. Observation can be carried out both in artificial and natural light in reflected and transmitted light.
The microscope is available in various versions, differing in the design of the base and lens.

Technical characteristics of the MS-1 microscope var. 2C:

  • eyepieces: WF-10x
  • Magnification lenses: 1/2x; 1/3x; 2/4x
  • Working distance, mm: 76
  • Field of view in image space, mm: 20; 10; 6.7; 5
  • Visual Attachment: Binocular
  • Light source (for base B and C) – halogen
  • incandescent lamp:
  • – for transmitted light (base C): 12 V, 10 W.
  • – for reflected light (base B and C): 12 V, 10 W with reflector
  • Power supply (for base B and C) – AC mains:
  • – voltage, V: 220
  • – frequency, Hz: 50-60