Microscope MICROMED C-12

Microscope MICROMED C-12 is designed for morphological studies of preparations in transmitted light using the bright field method.
The microscope can be used in educational and laboratory work in the field of biology, zoology, in various fields of medicine (pulmonology, dermatology, urology, etc.). The microscope can be used to study stained and unstained biological objects in the form of smears and sections.
Micromed S-12 microscope device allows connecting a video eyepiece (complete with software) for quantitative analysis of the studied structures on a personal computer.
A feature of this model is the light source used – a mirror, which makes this microscope completely independent of external power sources, and this is especially important when using the microscope in the field and in educational institutions.
The Micromed C-12 microscope has found wide application in various educational institutions, and, as modern educational equipment, occupies a worthy place among biological microscopes.


So, achromatic optics plus a simple optical scheme of the microscope give us a low price with decent image quality.
Other “advantages” of this model include the independence of the Micromed S-12 microscope from external power sources due to the light source – a mirror.
Also note that the mirror has two reflective surfaces: flat and concave. The concave surface can be used to increase the illumination of the object if necessary.
Be sure to pay attention to the coarse and fine focus knobs – they are located on both sides of the tripod, and this allows you to achieve image sharpness even at high magnifications.
The mechanism of the limiter (stop) and the springy frame of the lens with a magnification of 40 times protect the front lens of the lens and the object itself from mechanical damage.
High-precision assembly and adjustment of the Micromed C-12 microscope allow you to explore the area of ​​interest of the preparation and not lose it from the field of view when changing the objective.



Model Micromed S-12
Magnification, times 40 – 640
Revolving device for 3 lenses
Objectives (achromatic), magnification/aperture: 4x/ 0.1
10x/ 0.25
40x/ 0.65
Visible eyepiece magnification* (fold/field, mm): oct.18
Stage size, mm 110 x 120
Aperture Diameter (mm): 2; 3; 6; 12; 16
Light source mirror
Overall dimensions, mm 150x190x345
Weight, kg 2