Microscope Biomed 4 binocular is designed for observing preparations in transmitted light in bright and dark fields and by the phase contrast method (in the presence of a dark field condenser of a phase contrast device – an additional option). Let’s apply in various areas of research activity: in biology, ecology, in various diagnostic laboratories, laboratories of SES and veterinary medicine, in various fields of technology, and also for educational purposes.

Research methods: Bright field
Magnification, multiple: 40x-1600x
Binocular: Binocular Turret
: 4-slot with a turn from the observer
Objectives: Achromats: 4×0.1 10×0.25 40×0.65 100×1.25MI
Wide-field eyepieces: 10x, 16x
Linear field of view: 18mm
Stage: Stage with coordinate movement
Condenser: Abbe systems with iris, NA=1.2
Filters: Replaceable 2 filters – blue, green
Illuminator: 20 watts
Light source: Halogen lamp with continuously dimmable
power source: 220 volts
Dimensions: 260x160x360 mm
Weight: 4.7 kg
Production: Russia