Micromed-3 var.2-20

The versatility of using the microscope Micromed 3 option 2-20:

  • provides a solution to a wide range of tasks;
  • used for all routine optical laboratory research;
  • also ideal for research work.

The modular design principle of the microscope Micromed 3 option 2-20 is a real money saving at the initial stage:

Thanks to the modular principle incorporated in the design, you can purchase a microscope for specific tasks. This approach allows you to save money by not purchasing components that you will not use in the first stage. At the same time, you can always equip the microscope with various components for other research methods and additional devices.

The first-class image and the highest level of convenience of the Micromed 3 microscope option 2-20 are due to the fact that:

  • “Infinite” optics with a high degree of correction is used. Plan achromat lenses allow you to get a clear, even image across the entire field.
  • The eyepieces have a field of view with a diameter of 22 mm, diopter correction of vision and a “remote pupil”, which makes it equally convenient to work both with and without glasses.

Excellent lighting conditions for your preparations are guaranteed by Micromed 3 option 2-20 due to the fact that:

20 Watt centerable halogen illuminators, a centerable Abbe condenser and adjustable field diaphragms built into the tripod make it easy and convenient to set uniform Köhler illumination for optimal contrast and optical resolution.

The revolving microscope objective holder Micromed 3 option 2-20 provides excellent working conditions:

  • the microscope has a revolver for 5 objectives, turned away from the observer.
  • all lenses mounted in the holder are parfocal, i.e. when changing the lens, the object does not go out of focus and no additional focusing is required.


Microscope magnification 40 – 1000 x
Lens magnification 4 – 100x
Eyepiece magnification 10 / 22 x
Stage dimensions 190×160 mm without protruding racks
Range of movement of the stage using the focusing mechanism 65 x 45 mm (with marking on the table 80×60 mm)
Power supply 220 (+/- 22) V
Light source (upper/lower illuminator) Halogen lamp 6V, 20W
Nozzle Binocular
Revolving device for 5 lenses
Condenser Abbe, aperture 1.25 MI
Weight 9 kg
Packed dimensions 360x280x510 mm