Microscope Biomed 6 LUM. Analog – Biomed-6 var.3 LUM.

Microscope Biomed 6 LUM is designed to observe the image of objects in the light of visible luminescence, as well as in transmitted light in a bright field. It is used for diagnostics of various diseases by immunofluorescent method. The microscope is safe for health, life, property of the consumer and for the environment. The microscope allows you to work with objects stained with such dyes as: acridine orange, FITC, Romadin, DAPI, etc.

Research methods: Bright field, dark field Magnification, multiple :
Objectives: Achromats, planachromats: 4×0.1 10×0.25 40×0.65 100×1.25MI
Wide-field eyepieces: 10x, 16x
Linear field of view: 18 mm
Object stage: Stage with coordinate movement with removable preparation driver – 140×140 mm
Condenser: Condenser with Abbe iris diaphragm, Keller included
Light filters: (two pairs): red and yellow, blue and green
Illuminator: Fluorescent: mercury lamp – HBO 100W2
Light source: mercury lamp HBO 100W2 Current
source: 220 volts
Production: Russia