Microscope Mikromed R-1

The R-1 microscope can be used in various fields of medicine (dermatology, urology, pulmonology, etc.) for diagnostic studies in clinics and hospitals. The microscope can be used to study stained and unstained biological objects in the form of smears and sections.
The Micromed R-1 microscope provides the ability to work with a set of IV and PC equipment for quantitative analysis of the structures of the objects under study.
Combining achromatic optics, retro design and low price, MICROMED R-1 is indispensable both for teaching purposes in higher medical and biological institutions, and for simple routine work in the laboratory.
Main advantages:
• decent quality, at a very low price;
• compact dimensions, low weight;
• ideal tool for routine work;
• coaxial knobs for coarse and tone tuning;
• two-coordinate object table with coaxial handles;
• base with built-in power supply and light source;
• centerable Abbe condenser 1.25
Capabilities of MICROMED P-1:
Revolving device: For 4 objectives
Achromat objectives magnification/aperture: 4x/0.1, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65, 100x/1.25
Visible magnification of the eyepieces multiples / field, mm: 10/18, 16/15
The largest numerical aperture of the bright floor condenser: 1.25
Dimensions of the object table, mm: 110×120
Range of preparation movement : 60×30
Light source-lamp: 220V, 20W
Power supply – alternating current network: 220±22V, 50Hz
Technical characteristics of MICROMED P-1:

Parameter name R-1
Microscope magnification 40 – 1600
Revolving device For 4 lenses
Achromat lenses magnification, magnification / aperture 4x/0.1
100x/1.25 mi
Visible magnification of eyepieces, multiple / field, mm 10/18, 16/15
Largest numerical aperture of a bright field condenser 1.25
Stage dimensions, mm 110×120
Range of movement of the drug 60×30
Light source – lamp 220V, 20W
Power supply 220±22V; 50 Hz