MICROMED 2 is a series of light microscopes that provide solutions for a wide range of tasks.
Microscopes from the Mikromed 2 series are used for optical laboratory research in biology and medicine, as well as for research work.
The microscope MICROMED-2 variant 2-20 is designed for observation and morphological studies of preparations in transmitted light using the bright field method, as well as the dark field method (with a dark field condenser *) and the phase contrast method (with a phase contrast device *)
* – available on request
Thanks to the modular principle incorporated in the design, you get a microscope for specific tasks. At the same time, it remains possible to equip the microscope with various components for other research methods and additional devices.
The microscope can be used in various fields of medicine (hematology, dermatology, urology, pulmonology, virology), as well as in biology, botany, chemistry and other fields of science for diagnostic studies in clinics and hospitals, for educational purposes in higher and secondary educational institutions. The microscope can be used to study stained and unstained biological objects in the form of smears and sections.
Advantages of the Micromed Microscope 2 option 2-20:
• Ergonomic tripod design
• Base with built-in power supply
• Illuminator (halogen lamp 6V20W) with adjustable field aperture allows easy adjustment of Kohler illumination
• Revolving device for 4 objectives, turned away from the observer
• All objectives mounted in the holder are parfocal
• Illuminator brightness adjustment
• Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism
• Two-coordinate object table with coaxial handles
• Simplicity and convenience in operation
• Modern design
Additional equipment * for Micromed 2 microscopes variant 2-20:
1. Dark field condenser
2. Phase contrast device
3. Video eyepiece and software


Revolving device for four objectives
Achromat objectives
60×0.85* (optional)
Attachment – binocular
Enlargement of the attachment – 1
Visible magnification of the eyepieces, multiples/field, mm – 10/18, 16/15* (optional)
The largest numerical aperture of the bright field condenser – 1.25
Dimensions of the object stage – 135 x 153 mm
Range of movement of the drug – 80 x 50 mm
Light source – halogen lamp – 6 V, 20 W
Power supply – AC: – 220 ± 22 V; 50 Hz
Overall dimensions – 220x360x410 mm
Weight – 8.0 kg