The polarizing microscope MICROMED POLAR 1 is designed for visual observation and examination of opaque objects in reflected polarized and ordinary light, as well as transparent objects in transmitted light at low magnifications.
The direct structure of the microscope allows you to examine only thin flat objects.
The microscope is used in mineralography, coal petrography, metallography, chemistry, criminalistics, in other fields of science and technology, as well as in higher educational institutions.
On the microscope, images of objects can be photographed using a F/C-based imaging kit (not included) and the image can be displayed in real time on a PC screen using a video eyepiece (not included). The imaging kit and the video eyepiece are installed in the third vertical outlet of the visual attachment.

Optional equipment:

  • Video eyepiece (1.3 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP) with software for simple and working with the image on the computer;
  • Imaging kit, including a digital camera and an optical-mechanical adapter;
  • Eyepieces 16x/16mm, eyepiece 10x/22mm with scale, eyepiece 10x/22mm with reticle.


Name Meaning
Microscope magnification, times 40 – 400 (640*)
Revolving device for 5 lenses
Objectives, magnification/aperture planachromats 4x/0.10; 10x/0.25; 20x/0.40; 40x/0.60
visual nozzle trinocular
Adjustable interpupillary distance, within, mm 55-75
Nozzle enlargement 1
Eyepieces, multiple/field 10/20; 10/20 with scale (16/16*)
Condenser device Centerable Abbe condenser, aperture 1.25
Subject table, mm 150×190
Range of drug movement, mm 60×75
Light source – halogen lamp, V/W 6/30
Power supply – AC, V / Hz 220+-22/50
Overall dimensions, mm 570x200x460
Weight, no more than, kg 10.0
*- additional supply


  • Modern ergonomic design. All microscope controls are easily accessible, while the user’s hands remain in a natural relaxed state.
  • The optical system of the microscope is designed for infinity
  • The eyepieces have a field of view of 20 mm, diopter correction and “remote pupil”, which guarantees comfortable work both with and without glasses.
  • Planachromat objectives provide a flat image across the entire field of view, making the microscope ideal for microphotography
  • Base with built-in power supply and dimmable illuminator
  • A halogen illuminator, a centerable Abbe condenser and an adjustable field diaphragm built into the tripod allow uniform Köhler illumination, optimal contrast and optical resolution
  • Quick access to the illuminator for changing the halogen lamp
  • High-precision assembly and adjustment of the microscope make it possible to examine the part of the preparation that is of interest to the observer and not lose it from the field of view when changing the objective
  • Lenses are parfocal – when changing lenses, the object does not go out of focus and no additional focusing is required
  • 40x spring-loaded lens barrel provides protection against mechanical damage to the front lens of the lens and the object
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism
  • Coarse focus lock mechanism for quick microscope adjustment when changing specimens
  • Coarse focus hardness adjustment