The Micromed C-11 microscope can be used for educational and laboratory work in the field of biology, zoology, etc. in schools, lyceums, special higher educational institutions.
The microscope can be used to study stained and unstained biological objects in the form of smears and sections.
The technical characteristics of the Micromed S-11 microscope allow the use of a complex of RS-equipment for quantitative analysis of the structures of the objects under study. The video eyepiece and viewing and imaging software are sold separately.
The Micromed S-11 microscope finds wide application in various educational institutions as the modern educational equipment.
Specifications of the Micromed C-11 microscope:
– Magnification of lenses 4x, 10x, 40x
– Basic eyepiece magnification 20x
– Linear field in image space 16 mm
– Mechanical depth of the tube 160 mm
– Stage size 95 x 95 mm
– Stage movement range using the focusing mechanism 0-15 mm
– Aperture set – 6 pieces
– Source light – LED.
– Power supply – 3 AA elements (4.5V); It is possible to connect the microscope to AC 220 V via an adapter supplied separately.
The main advantage of the Micromed C-11 microscope is that the optical elements made of glass and the metal structure of the microscope provide high image quality and a long service life of the microscope – at least 30 years.
The Micromed S-11 microscope does not demand special service during all term of operation. The durability, strength and accuracy of fixation of the moving part of the revolving device of the microscope is ensured by the use of a special lubricant for steel elements.
Other advantages of the microscope Mikromed C-11 our customers call:
– the presence of a rotary monocular attachment;
– the presence of a restrictive screw that protects the preparation and the microscope objective from damage during focusing;
– the presence of a spring mechanism at the terminals of the microscope;
– built-in LED illuminator with minimal power consumption;
– the presence of a convenient focus handle.