Microscope Biomed 3 is designed for biochemical, pathoanatomical, cytological, hematological, urological, dermatological, biological and general clinical studies in the laboratories of any medical institution.
It is distinguished by:
– ​​improved image quality over the field
– increased contrast
– coarse and fine focusing mechanism
– illumination adjustment
– adapter for connecting equipment for video documentation

Research methods: Bright field
Magnification, multiple: 40x-1000x
Binocular (trinocular): Binocular (trinocular) ) Turret
: 4-slot
Objectives: Achromats: 4×0.1 10×0.25 40×0.65 100×1.25MI
Wide-field eyepieces: 10x,
Linear field of view: 18 mm
Subject stage: Stage with preparation driver (similar to ST-12)
Condenser: Abbe systems with iris diaphragm, NA=1.25
Light filters: Replaceable 2 light filters – blue, green
Illuminator: 20 watts
Source light: Halogen lamp with smooth brightness control
Power source: 220 volts
Overall dimensions: 140x190x330 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Production: Russia