Biomed 6 is a high quality microscope designed for biochemical, pathoanatomical, cytological, hematological, urological, dermatological, biological and general clinical studies in the laboratories of any medical institution. Improved image quality across the field, increased contrast, coarse and fine sharpening mechanism, light control, keller.

Research methods: Bright field, dark field
Magnification, multiple: 40x-1000x
Trinocular eyepiece camera with light flux regulation
Revolver: 4-slot with a turn from the observer
Objectives: Achromats: 4×0.1 10×0.25 40×0.65 100×1 25MI
Wide-field eyepieces: 10x,
Linear field of view: 18mm
Stage: Rectangular with a coordinate movement of 140×140 mm
Condenser: Abbe condenser NA=1.25, the Keller principle is implemented in the illuminator
Light filters: 2 replaceable filters
Illuminator: 20 watts / 6 volts
Light source: halogen lamp with continuously adjustable brightness
Current source: 220 volts / 50 -60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 300x190x420 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Production: Russia