Distinctive features of a laminar box of biological (microbiological) safety
class II / type A2 / BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1.2 VIS-A-VIS (code 241.120

The box is a device with two working openings through which operators can carry out manipulations inside the box. Boxing provides simultaneous work of two operators located opposite each other.

Purpose of the biological (microbiological) safety cabinet class II /type A/:

  • physical isolation (retention and controlled removal from the work area) of pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and microorganisms in order to prevent the possibility of infection by airborne droplets of personnel and contamination of the air of the workroom and the environment;
    ● minimizing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination of the product;
    ● Possibility to work with a small amount of strong-smelling substances, as well as toxic chemicals and radionuclides, with the mandatory connection of the box to an individual active exhaust ventilation system using an exhaust hood, which is not included in the delivery set;
    ● The box is designed to equip individual workplaces of medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions that work with pathogenic biological agents and microorganisms in accordance with SP 1.3.2322-08, SP 1.3.2518-09, SP 1.3.3118-13.Recommended for use with animals.

Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. FSR 2012/13259 dated 05.05.2012

Standard version of a biological (microbiological) safety laminar flow hood type VIS-A-VIS

(code 241.120 )

Working chamber

  • two working apertures for simultaneous work of the operators who are opposite each other;

Inclined front surfaces of the box;

front windows – hinged, the glass material is “triplex”, the mechanism for opening, closing and holding glasses in the open position is equipped with gas shock absorbers;

  • a damper for prevention of blow when closing front glasses;

LED lighting of the working chamber;

two blocks of sockets in the working chamber of the box (on the left and right side walls);

  • air flow laminarizer made of fine-meshed polymer mesh;

a set of removable stainless steel worktops (three sections);

  • two removable armrests from stainless steel;
  • An animal hair trap (or other small contaminants) is installed under the tabletop.

Retractable blocks for covering working openings with a UV irradiation module:

  • the box is equipped with retractable blocks of working openings, one of which has a UV irradiation module installed;

Retractable blocks are located under the base of the working chamber;

  • for simplification of installation of blocks in working situation mechanisms of their promotion are equipped with gas springs.

System for supplying and removing air from the box :

Separate fans are installed to supply air to the box and remove air from the box;

Filtration of the air entering the working chamber occurs through the supply HEPA filter H14;

  • Filtration of the air removed from the box occurs through the outlet HEPA filter H14.

Elements of the control system

  • electroautomatic system – microprocessor;

push-button box control panel with LCD display;

  • electromagnetic reader and electromagnetic access keys;

air flow parameters sensors;

  • position sensors of front glass and block of UF-irradiation;

individual fuse for the power supply line of the main functions of the box (fan, lighting, UV irradiation);

individual fuse for sockets installed in the working chamber;

Detachable power cable with lock.

Elements for checking the integrity of HEPA filters

  • to check the supply HEPA filter – built-in air sampling fitting (located in front of the supply HEPA filter);
  • to check the exhaust HEPA filter – the built-in air sampling fitting (located in front of the exhaust HEPA filter).

Main characteristics of biological safety cabinet class II /type A2/

BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2 VIS-A-VIS

The class of air purity in the working chamber in terms of the concentration of suspended particles (aerosols)
according to GOST ISO 14644-1-2002, not less than
Boxing class according to GOST R EN 12469-2010, NSF/ANSI 49 II
Box type according to NSF/ANSI 49 A2
Class of installed HEPA filters according to GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 H14
The average speed of the downward air flow in the working chamber of the box, m/s 0.33±0.01
Average speed of air flow entering the box through the working opening from each side, m/s 0.45±0.03
Illumination of the working area (integral value determined over the entire area of ​​the working area), Lux, not less than 2000
Degree of air recirculation in the box, % ≈50

Basic parameters and dimensions of the biological safety cabinet class II / type A2 /
BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2 VIS-A-VIS

Product number 1R-В.004-12.0
Overall dimensions of the box (WxDxH), mm 1506x750x1965
Boxing height with umbrella installed*, mm 2275
Height from floor to work surface, mm 805
Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH), mm 1110x665x687
Boxing weight, kg, no more 314
Power consumed by the box (excluding the load on the built-in sockets), W, not more than 360/200**
Total maximum allowable load on built-in sockets, W, no more 1000
Productivity for clean air supplied to the working chamber of the box, m3/h 915
Productivity for clean air removed from the box, m3/h:
– with two open working openings
– with one open working opening
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m from the box, dB, no more 59