Laboratory whiteness meter BLIK-R3

BLIK-R3 is designed for express assessment of flour grade by whiteness and process control at flour mills, as well as for incoming flour quality control at bakery enterprises.

Use for:

  • determining the whiteness of wheat flour by the values ​​of the measured zonal reflection coefficients of the visible spectrum of rays of a certain wavelength from the standards and the pressed flour sample;
  • the formation of the appropriate grade of wheat flour during its production at flour mills and the input control of the baking properties of wheat flour of various grades supplied to bakeries;
  • determining the ratio of different batches of wheat flour of the same variety to obtain a mixture with a given whiteness index, when carrying out flour of these varieties, at a bakery;
  • control of whiteness indicators of a wide range of prescription ingredients, semi-finished products and finished products (various types of starches, sugar and starch-containing raw materials, stabilizers, skimmed milk powder, etc.;
  • determining the ratio of different batches of wheat flour of the same grade to obtain a mixture in the process of rolling at a bakery with the values ​​of the criterion that reflects the ability of flour to darken in the process of preparing dough that meets the requirements of the technological regulations for the production of wheat bread.

The principle of operation of the device is based on measuring the reflectance of the visible spectrum of rays in a given wavelength range, from a compacted-smoothed surface of flour or dough and standards, and determining the whiteness index.
The device allows you to determine the whiteness of wheat flour of various grades in accordance with the requirements of GOST 26361.
The microprocessor system of the Blik-R3 device provides the measurement process, processing the measurement results and monitoring the device’s performance, as well as outputting the measurement results to a digital indicator and to a personal computer to form a database. The results are transferred to an IBM PC via the RS 232 C interface.
The device is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments under No. 16027 and is approved for use in the Russian Federation.


Spectral region of whitemeter operation, nm 540±50
Range of measured reflection coefficients, % no more 45…90
RMS of measurements of reflection coefficients, % 0.3
Basic absolute measurement error, % 1.0
The number of automatically measured fields on a flour sample, pcs, % 10
Time to determine the whiteness of one sample, s 60
Working mode continuous
Indication digital
Power supply, V / Hz 220 / 50
Power consumption, W, no more 25
Operating ambient temperature, °C 10…35
Relative humidity, % 80
Overall dimensions, mm 260 x 250 x 110
Weight, kg 4