Laboratory whiteness meter SKIB-M

Whiteness meter SKIB-M is designed for express determination of the whiteness of wheat (bakery and general purpose) and rye bread flour and assessment of its grade in accordance with GOST 26361, GOST R 52189 and GOST 7454 in laboratories and workshops of flour mills, mini-mills, bakeries, mini -bakery, at trade and food industry enterprises, in regulatory organizations.

The whiteness meter SKIB-M is a portable device, the principle of which is based on measuring the illumination created on the photodetector in the measuring channel by the radiation flux reflected from the compacted-smoothed surface of the flour, and the illumination created on the photodetector in the reference channel, with subsequent calculation of the ratio of the results in two channels. Whiteness meter SKIB-M allows you to increase the yield of high-grade flour by 1.5-2%, prevent the production of non-standard products, reduce power consumption and labor costs for control, ensure product quality stability. whiteness of flour with whiteness meters RZ-BPL-Ts.

SKIB is exceptionally simple and easy to use, does not require adjustment and adjustment during operation. Calibration interval 1 year.


Name Meaning
Reflection coefficient measurement range,% from 67 to 90
The main absolute error of measurement of the reflection coefficient,% 1
Productivity, measurements per minute 2 – 3
Measurement time, seconds 2
Measurement error, not more than, conventional units RZ-BPL 2
Convergence of indications, not more than conventional units RZ-BPL 1
Reproducibility with RZ-BPL-Ts, not less than conventional units 2
Whiteness measurement range,% from 67 to 100
Indication of measurement results, RZ-BPL conventional units (which corresponds to the range of values ​​of the whiteness index from 67 to 100%) from 0 to 100
Number of code bits 3
The price of a unit of the least significant digit, RZ-BPL conventional units 0.1
Time to establish the operating mode after turning on the power, seconds 10
Settling time, seconds 5
Power supply 4 “AA” batteries
from the mains 220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption, VA 0.4
Overall dimensions, mm 235x107x40
Weight of white meter with battery, kg 0.55